5 tips to consider when viewing a home

5 tips to consider when viewing a home

1) The condition of the house: A “fixer-upper” can save you some cash or place you in a better neighborhood. These homes can be particularly attractive to first-time homeowners. Perhaps a home that’s ready to move into is more attractive. Deciding this up front can help narrow your home search. 

2) Consider the home type you prefer: All houses are not the same. Find one that best suits you. Do you prefer a Ranch-style home or Cape Cod? It’s much easier to change the carpet or paint the walls than totally transform a house’s exterior.


3) Think of the neighborhood: Do you see more “for sale” or “sold” signs? You want your house value to go up in appreciation. What about schools? When buying a home, you should think years into the future — not months.


4) Consider the resale value: Keep in mind that non-standard houses can be harder to sell. If you have to sell, you don’t want a home that’s going to sit on the market for years.

5) The home’s features: Is a pool a must have? Or will it just raise your price? House amenities like this are important to consider before you start searching.

Written by: eloan radically simple. Reposted by: Roni Weaver MyRealEstateExpert