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Yay!! You found the house of your dreams and the offer was accepted.  This is when you decide to get a home inspection. This can be a scary next step for many home buyers. What if they find a number of issues wrong with the home.  No one wants to admit it but during the home buying process inspections can be stressful.

How to derail the Inspection Stress

  1. Choose an Experienced Inspector first what is the definition of Inspector? Definition: an official employed to ensure that official regulations are obeyed, especially in public services. Make sure your inspector has the correct qualification. Ask for references and reviews from past clients of your inspector.
  2. How much work are you prepared to do remember the inspector is just their to do his job he is supposed to look over the house from the windows to the door frame. His Job is to make sure that the ends and out of the home are up to code. When you receive your inspection report take time to read over each detail. Key into the major issues on the home inspection. These are the issues that will be your main key points to negotiate. This is when you make the decision how important is it. A light bulb being out, ugly paint, and gold fixtures are all items that can be easily fixed by you. Furnace issue, AC problems, and broken sprinkler system will need an experience professional to evaluate these will need to be discussed.

If you do not understand your report ask for an explanation for each item. A inspector is only doing his job so you must be able to pick through all the item to the most important. It is rare that you will ever see a perfect score on an inspection report. Do not let this deter you from purchasing your future home. Do research and look into the cost of each item. You may find the results surprise you.

Written By: Veronica Weaver, Realtor

My Real Estate Expert

My Real Estate Expert